Gadar 2 Trailer Review / Gadar 2 Release date

Gadar 2 Trailer Review:

Finally Gadar 2 Trailer Review after a long time, the trailer of film star Sunny Deol and Ameesha Patel’s movie Gadar 2 was released. This trailer has once again managed to give goosebumps to the audience. Know here how is the trailer of Gadar 2

Gadar 2 Trailer Review:There are very few films whose second part also makes the audience feel the same way. As was done in the first part of the film. This is the reason that often producers-directors think a lot before bringing sequels of their blockbuster films. Especially when the sequel of the hit movies is about to reach the theaters after many years. Because in such a long time there has been a lot of change in the audience’s choice and their test. But the producer-directors of Sunny Deol and Ameesha Patel starrer movie Gadar took this risk.Released in the year 2001, the second part of this movie took 22 years to reach the silver screen. With the announcement of the second part of this movie, the enthusiasm of the audience started crossing the seventh sky. After which, with hard work, the second part of this film was made under the direction of director Anil Sharma.

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Strong dialogues shown in the trailer Gadar 2 Trailer Review

Sunny Deol is seen speaking many powerful dialogues in the trailer. In one scene, Sunny Deol is seen telling a Pakistani army general that ‘if the people here get another chance to settle in India, then more than half of Pakistan will be empty’. You will roam around with a bowl.. You will not even get alms.In one scene, Sunny Deol’s son Charanjit is seen saying, ‘Pray that my sins don’t come here.. Because if he doesn’t come here, he will tear you into so many pieces that your whole Pakistan will not be able to count.’

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Know how the fans liked the trailer of Gadar-2

After the trailer came out, the user’s reactions are also coming out on social media. One wrote ‘Kya baat hai sir, rongte khade ho gaye’. Another wrote ‘the film is a super hit.’ One wrote, I am eagerly waiting to watch Gadar 2. One wrote that ‘Sunny Deol’s action in the film is very strong.’ One user wrote that ‘Ameesha Patel looks very innocent.’

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